June 20 – Happy Birthday Art Schult

They called him Dutch. He was born in Brooklyn on this date in 1928 and a quarter century later he was a 6’4″ slugging outfield prospect of the New York Yankees. The problem for Schult was the Yankees’s system was loaded with great outfielders, so after a very short 7-game trial with the 1953 New York team, he never again wore the pinstripes. He did eventually play parts of four more seasons in the big leagues.

According to a Baseball Digest article from March, 1957, Schult’s most famous moment as a Yankee minor leaguer took place during a home game for Kansas City against the Indian’s Indianapolis affiliate. He hit a home run and was loudly booed by his own fans as he circled the bases. Why? The blast came with two outs in the final inning and was the first and only hit given up by a young phee-nom fireballer named Herb Score. That day’s Kansas City crowd evidently was really hoping to see Score complete the feat.


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