December 29 – Happy Birthday Frank Delahanty

200px-Frank_DelahantyOver the years, there have been several Yankee players who had brothers who were also big leaguers. The great Yankee Clipper, Joe DiMaggio had siblings Dom and Vince. Matty and Felipe Alou were Yankee teammates for a while when their younger brother Jesus was also playing in the Majors. Clete Boyer’s older brothers Ken and Cloyd preceded the good-fielding Yankee third baseman to the big leagues. But no player on the franchise’s all-time roster could top long-ago Yankee outfielder Frank Delahanty when it came to baseball-playing brothers.

James and Bridget Delahanty immigrated to America from Ireland in 1865, the same year the US Civil War ended. The couple settled in Cleveland and while James took on a variety of jobs, his wife turned their home into a boarding house. They lost their first child in infancy, but the second, a boy named Edward James would grow up to become one of baseball’s first great sluggers and a Hall of Famer. Their next three boys, Tom, Joe and Jim would also become big leaguers as would their youngest, Frank, who would be nicknamed Pudgie.

The youngest Delahanty made his Yankee (actually Highlander) debut in 1905, when he was just 22-years-old. The following season, he became New York’s fourth outfielder, starting 92 games and setting a career high with 41 RBIs. That ’06 Highlander team won 90 games and finished second in the American League. Manager Clark Griffith thought his team could win the Pennant the following year if he could improve his starting rotation. In an effort to do so, Frank Delahanty was traded to Cleveland for former twenty-game-winner Earl Moore.

Both Delahanty and Moore were complete flops with their new teams in 1907 and by July of 1908, Delahanty found himself back with the Highlanders. He became one of the team’s better hitters during the second half of that season but instead of re-signing with New York, he jumped to the Buffalo Buffeds in the upstart Federal League. What are Buffeds?

Delahanty shares his December 29th birthday with this former Yankee pitcher, this former Yankee first baseman and this other former Yankee first baseman.

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