July 3 – Eight Yankee Birthdays to Celebrate

I’ve found eight July third birthdays that have played a part in Yankee franchise history;

Brian Cashman (7-3-67) became Yankee GM in February of 1998 and remains in that position today. You can read Cashman’s separate Pinstripe Birthday Post here.

Art Fowler (7-3-22) joined Billy Martin’s staff as the Yankee pitching coach in 1977.

Buffalo, NY native Buddy Rosar (7-3-14) was Bill Dickey’s backup catcher for four seasons, from 1939 through 1942.

Former Yankee outfielder, Juan Rivera (7-3-78) hit .333 in the 2003 ALDS against the Angels and then was traded to the Expos that December as part of the package that brought Javier Vazquez to New York the first time.

The Yankees actually completed a trade for Padre slugger Glen Vaughn (7-3-65) in July of 2007 but it was voided when Vaughn’s torn rotator cuff was discovered during the post trade physical.

Frank Tanana (7-3-53) ended his 21-year big league career as a Yankee in 1993. He won 240 games during that career which began with the Angels in 1973.

Pitcher Matt Keough (7-3-55) was one of the Oakland pitching staff’s  “five aces” who pitched for Billy Martin during the early eighties. He followed Martin to the Yankees in 1983.

Before Ceasar Tovar (7-3-40) ended his career with the 1976 Yankees, he once played all nine positions for the Minnesota Twins in a single game.


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