July 11 – Happy Birthday Vito Tamulis

The first thing Yankee fans must have noticed when they read about this rookie southpaw being called up from New York’s Newark farm team for a look-see in September of 1934, was his name. After all, Vitautris Casimirus Tamulis is quite a mouthful. Fortunately for both Tamulis and New York sportswriters, his parents nicknamed him Vito. The second thing Yankee fans noticed was his complete game shutout of the Philadelphia A’s in his first-ever big league start that same month. Then as now, if you’re a young pitcher who wants to get some attention, throw a shutout in your first ever big league start and do it in a Yankee uniform.

After young Vito followed up that super-start by winning ten of fifteen decisions in the following year, you’d think the chances of sticking with the team the next season were better than very good. The problem for Tamulis was that he had that 10-5 season for the 1935 New York Yankees, which meant he won the fewest number of games of any of the five starters in that year’s Yankee rotation. So when Tamulis developed a severe case of pleurisy in 1936, New York went out and picked up Bump Hadley from the Senators to replace him. When Tamulis recovered from his illness, Hadley was pitching too well for Vito to “bump” him from the rotation so he was sent back to the Newark Bears.

After Vito went 18-6 for the Bears in 1937, New York traded him to the Browns where he got off to a horrible 0-3 start and was placed on waivers. Brooklyn grabbed him and he won 29 games for the Dodgers over the next three seasons.

Vito shares his July 11th birthday with this former Yankee outfielder and this one-time Yankee relief pitcher.


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