A 2012 Offseason Poem for Impatient Yankee Fans

Four hundred bucks for my ticket
and you want me to accept the sight
of watching the Yankees play a platoon
of Schierholtz and Hairston in right?

Forty dollars to park my car
and twelve more for a bottle of beer
then you start Stewart and Francisco behind the plate
and you still expect me to cheer?

Now we learn A-Rod is on the shelf
and you want to replace him cheap too?
I love Chavez, but him and Keppinger
just ain’t gonna do!

Getting the payroll down to 189
may save you a 50 million dollar fee,
but if you save your way out of postseason play
its empty seats and lower YES cash you’ll see.

Its time to re-sign Suzuki
and go after Josh to play right
or at least make a deal for Headley
so I can start sleeping at night.



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