January 26 – Happy Birthday Hector Noesi

As the 2012 season approached, more and more Yankee fans were beginning to wonder if Yankee pitching prospect, Hector Noesi was really ready to become a part of the team’s starting rotation. That’s because it looked like New York’s front office was electing to stand pat with the pitching arms the team already had on its roster during this offseason and not test the trade or free agent market for a solution. That meant if Phil Hughes and AJ Burnett or the aging Freddie Garcia were not able to deliver during the first few weeks of the upcoming regular season, Joe Girardi’s first option was most likely going to be inserting Noesi in the Yankee rotation.

This Dominican right hander had appeared in 30 games for New York in 2010 after being called up from Scranton in mid-May, almost all of them as a reliever. He made a good first impression when he got the win with a four-scoreless-extra-inning stint against Baltimore the very first time he pitched in the big leagues. He also had pitched well during his ascent through the Yankee minor league organization. Noesi has a fastball in the lower nineties and has already developed a very good change up. His delivery has been described by scouts as “smooth and fluid” and he has shown very good command of the strike zone.

My problem with the guy was that he had already tested positive for steroids in 2007 and served a 50-game suspension. He’s tested clean since but he’s also experienced some serious problems with his pitching arm. Still, the Yankees were very high on this guy coming into 2012 and were telling everyone who would listen that he was ready to start in the big leagues right now.

Some of that praise may have been hype to increase his trade value because in January of 2012, the Yankees included Noesi with Jesus Montero in the package they sent to the Mariners for Michael Pineda and a Mariner pitching prospect named Jose Campos. To date, Noesi has not pitched well for Seattle. He went 2-12 mostly as a starter for the M’s in 2012 and then spent large parts of his 2013 season pitching in Tacoma.

Hector shares his January 26th birthday with this one time Yankee World Series hero.

2011 NYY 2 2 .500 4.47 30 2 14 0 0 0 56.1 63 29 28 6 22 45 1.509
3 Yrs 4 15 .211 5.53 64 21 22 0 0 0 190.1 212 121 117 30 73 134 1.497
SEA (2 yrs) 2 13 .133 5.98 34 19 8 0 0 0 134.0 149 92 89 24 51 89 1.493
NYY (1 yr) 2 2 .500 4.47 30 2 14 0 0 0 56.1 63 29 28 6 22 45 1.509
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 1/26/2014.

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