February 15 – Happy Birthday Russell Martin

Unless they had another move to acquire a catcher in mind before Opening Day of the 2013 regular season, the Yankees made a mistake by not re-signing Russell Martin. Instead, they allowed their starting catcher for the 2011 and ’12 seasons to make a new two-year $15 million deal for himself with Pittsburgh. I realize this native Canadian had a very bad offensive season in 2012, but his game management skills and defense remained steady and he did pound 21 home runs. None of the trio of receivers who will battle to take over Martin’s job in 2013 will be as good as he was for New York.

My single biggest concern about the former Dodger catcher when the Yankees signed him before the 2011 season was his health. He had hurt his hip during the 2010 season and the injury required surgery. But Martin had worked like crazy to recuperate from that operation and was able to catch 253 games during his two years in the Big Apple. His pinstripe career got off to a great start during the first half of 2011 and he made the AL All Star team. But his offense then pretty much abandoned him until he finally started hitting again during the final month of the 2012 season. Fortunately, he never let those hitting woes impact his solid work behind the plate. I loved the fact that he had the confidence and catching ability necessary to have Yankee pitchers throw their nastiest curves and sliders when hitters were ahead in the count or with opposing runners on base. When Martin was on a roll, be could block short pitches and dig them out of the dirt as well as any catcher I’ve seen. I also liked the fact that Martin had some pop in his bat (39 home runs in his two seasons with New York) and some speed in his legs. He’s stolen 80 bases during his seven years in the big leagues. Plus the guy turns just 30-years-old today.

I think Pittsburgh got themselves one of the ten best catchers in baseball for their 2013 lineup. Meanwhile, neither Chris Stewart or Francisco Cervelli have really proven they’ve got the all-around skills to handle the role of a big league team’s starting catcher. A still developing Austin Romine hasn’t either. That means the Yanks go into a new season with a big question mark at one of baseball’s most important positions, when for $15 million over the next two seasons they could have had one of the better catchers in baseball in that slot. Brian Cashman has said the organization is just biding time, waiting for 19-year-old Gary Sanchez, the franchise’s number 1 catching prospect to be ready for the big show. But that’s at least two years and two postseasons away. Having Martin behind the plate until that happened was a wise and affordable option.

This former Yankee outfielder  and this one-time Yankee starting pitcher both also celebrate their birthday on February 15th.

2011 NYY 125 476 417 57 99 17 0 18 65 8 50 81 .237 .324 .408 .732
2012 NYY 133 485 422 50 89 18 0 21 53 6 53 95 .211 .311 .403 .713
8 Yrs 1052 4180 3621 505 925 171 7 108 473 89 480 654 .255 .349 .396 .745
LAD (5 yrs) 667 2713 2344 347 638 115 7 54 300 66 319 370 .272 .365 .396 .761
NYY (2 yrs) 258 961 839 107 188 35 0 39 118 14 103 176 .224 .317 .405 .723
PIT (1 yr) 127 506 438 51 99 21 0 15 55 9 58 108 .226 .327 .377 .703
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 2/26/2014.

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