August 25 – Happy Birthday Adam Warren

warrenEvery professional baseball player has the same exact basic goals. The first is to make it to the big leagues. Adam Warren checked that one off his bucket list in late June of the 2012 season, when the Yanks called him up from Scranton-Wilkes Barre to make an emergency start after both CC Sabathia and Andy Pettitte went down with injuries.

The second goal is to make a great first impression in your Major League debut. Warren screwed that one up. He got shelled by the White Sox in his first appearance, giving up eight hits, including two bombs and surrendering six earned runs, lasting just two and a third innings in the 14-7 Yankee loss. That disastrous first effort put a real quick kabosh on the third goal every professional baseball player shares, which is once called up, to stay in the Majors. The Yankees sent Warren down the next day.

It took Warren right up to the last day of the Yankees 2013 spring training season to convince Joe Girardi and Larry Rothschild that he deserved a second chance. He’s been New York’s long relief guy out of the bullpen since. With a few exceptions, this right-handed native of Birmingham, Alabama has pitched well in that role and since Hiroki Kuroda, Andy Pettitte and Phil Hughes are in the last year of contracts, Warren’s next goal is to pitch well enough to earn a spot in next season’s version of the Yankee starting rotation.

Does he have a chance? Sure. He’s only 25-years-old, he’s now got some innings under his belt and he’s already on the team. A fourth round Yankee draft pick in 2009, Warren has a decent but not overpowering fastball so he must be able to hit his spots to win at the big league level. His control has been just so-so thus far during the 2013 season (22 unintentional walks in 62 innings.) From my perspective, Warren has to notch his game up to a higher gear before I think he’s ready to join a Yankee rotation.

He shares his birthday with this former Yankee shortstop, this former Yankee reliever and this other former Yankee reliever.

2012 NYY 0 0 23.14 1 1 0 0 0 0 2.1 8 6 6 2 2 1 4.286
2013 NYY 1 2 .333 3.69 25 1 14 0 0 1 61.0 65 25 25 10 24 50 1.459
2 Yrs 1 2 .333 4.41 26 2 14 0 0 1 63.1 73 31 31 12 26 51 1.563
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Generated 8/25/2013.

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