September 6 – Happy Birthday Gary Tuck

If you ask Joe Girardi, Jorge Posada or Jason Varitek who was the best catching instructor they ever had, each highly respected veteran receiver would answer, “Gary Tuck.” Gary was a classmate of mine in high school back in Amsterdam, NY, in the early seventies. He was the quarterback of our school’s varsity football team and the catcher on our baseball team and the thing I remember most about him in both roles was his almost flawless technique. At the time, there were better athletes available to play both positions but Tuck was smarter and worked harder than everybody else. He was a keen student of both games even way back then and he is now considered one of Major League Baseball’s most gifted catching mentors. He won four World Series rings as a Yankee coach and currently serves as the Red Sox bullpen coach, where he has won a fifth ring. I’m hoping that some day, he gets a shot at managing in the big leagues. His hometown is very proud of him and all that he has accomplished.

Gary shares a birthday with this former Yankee catcher and this one-time Yankee first-baseman. 


  1. phil minch

    Good for you Gary, it was so weird that you came up today. I was telling my wife about a youngster I played against at Isabel’s Field in Amsterdam, New York. He played for Kiwanis and I played for the Rotary Club. The part that I remembered about this ten year old, as I was eleven, was the perfect form he had as a catcher. In the crouch with the throwing hand behind the back to protect it from injury. It was interesting that even at a young age others picked up on this. Not sure who his teacher was but Gary took the instruction to heart and seems to have parlayed it into a successful professional life. The only other player I remember with great technique was Amsterdam’s Dave Mars. Good luck in the future Gary and congrats!!!Phil Minch Vero Beach Florida

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