December 23 – How to Create New Yankee Fans

orientationOn December 19th (the birthday of Rafael Soriano, Ian Kennedy, super-scout Paul Krichell and Walt “No-Neck” Williams,) my daughter Michela and her husband Aaron blessed my wife and I with our fifth grandchild, a beautiful baby girl they named Genevieve.

I do this with all my newborn grandchildren. You get the best results when they are still under a week old. You grab them while they are sleeping and using your best Sinatra imitation, you start singing “New York New York” until they wake up. As soon as their eyes begin to open you position their heads so that the first thing they see is a Yankee logo. If done right, you’re guaranteed to create another Yankee fan. It worked so well with my son Matt’s daughter Mianna, her first words were actually “Derek Jeter.”

Are you ready Genevieve? Its your turn now….”Start spreading the news…”


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