alexThe older I get the more I wonder why people with so much always seem to want more. Alex Rodriguez had escaped the precipice of a public shaming, when he admitted before the 2009 season that he had used steroids and then put together the greatest postseason of his life to lead the Yankees to their 27th World Championship. He could have stayed off the juice after that for the rest of his career, let his performance simply decline naturally, collect his mega-millions in salary and gone off into the sunset in a few years with at least a portion of his reputation intact.

But no, Rodriguez doesn’t think like that. He never has. The happiness fuel for this guy’s life is playing baseball and being adored because of how well he does it. The adoration part of that formula was whittled away by diminished performance on the field. Steroids help athletes build abnormal muscle mass but the problem is that the human skeleton is not designed to support it. A-Rod’s hips gave away and he will never again hit 30 homers in a season or drive in 100 runs.

Rodriguez wasn’t ready to accept that so he did something about it. He found a sleazy Miami-based hormone lab operator who supposedly could help him continue to cheat without getting caught. Yesterday, the arbitrator’s ruling confirmed for Rodriguez that he got caught. So now in addition to never again being admired or respected for anything he does on the baseball field, A-Rod has locked his own Yankee Stadium gate, preventing himself from doing what he most loved to do, for at least a year but quite possibly forever.

A-Rod is not the only culprit here. The Commissioner and the Yankee ownership knew full well that many of their players were using drugs to enhance their performances and as long as the money was rolling in because of those enhanced performances, the powers that be looked the other way and most likely even encouraged it. Like I wrote at the beginning of this post, the older I get the more I wonder why people with so much always seem to want more.


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