June 9 – Happy Birthday Bill Virdon

Although he spent almost all of his playing career as a Pittsburgh Pirate outfielder, Bill Virdon was originally signed by the Yankees in 1950 and spent his first five seasons as a pro climbing his way up New York’s minor league ladder. Then in 1954, he was included in a package of players and prospects the Yankees traded to St Louis for veteran outfielder Enos Slaughter. Virdon enjoyed a solid 12-season playing career in the NL, retiring for good in 1968. He then got into coaching and in 1972 he became skipper of the Pirates, leading Pittsburgh to a Division title in his first year as their field boss. When the team slumped the following season, Virdon was dumped. George Steinbrenner hired him to pilot the Yankees in 1974 and he led them to an 89-73 record and second-place finish in their division. “The Boss” was not truly a fan of Virdon’s low-key managing style and when the fiery Billy Martin became available during the second half of the 1975 season, Virdon was dumped again. He immediately got the manager’s job in Houston where he remained for the next seven seasons. Virdon then completed his managerial career with a two year stint as Montreal Expo skipper, finishing with a 995-921 lifetime won-loss record during his 13-seasons. I always felt it was the acquisitions of Willie Randolph, Ed Figueroa and Mickey Rivers that won the Yankees’ the 1976 pennant and not the switch from Virdon to Martin. Imagine how different Yankee history would have been if Steinbrenner kept Virdon in the Yankee dugout instead of hiring Billy.

Virdon shares his June 9th birthday with this one-time Yankee outfielder and this former Yankee GM.

Rk Year Age Tm Lg G W L W-L% Finish
3 1974 43 New York Yankees AL 162 89 73 .549 2
4 1975 44 New York Yankees AL 1st of 2 104 53 51 .510 3
Pittsburgh Pirates 2 years 291 163 128 .560 2.0
New York Yankees 2 years 266 142 124 .534 2.5
Houston Astros 8 years 1067 544 522 .510 3.2
Montreal Expos 2 years 294 146 147 .498 4.0
13 years 1918 995 921 .519 3.1
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 6/9/2013.

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