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July 12 – No Yankee Birthdays – Instead some sad departures

No Yankees past or present were born on this date but it is the fifth anniversary of the passing of one of my favorites, Bobby Murcer. Yesterday was the third anniversary of the death of Yankee public address legend Bob Sheppard, who passed away at the ripe age of 99, on July 11th, 2010.  Tomorrow, it will also be three years since George Steinbrenner died of a heart attack. So perhaps forever more, these three consecutive dates will most be remembered as anniversaries of Yankee passings and not Yankee births.


July 4 – Happy Birthday George Steinbrenner

Like him or not, George Steinbrenner recognized better than anyone that the Yankee brand and New York City were the hottest sports properties on the planet. In 1973, he purchased the team from CBS for a bargain basement price using other people’s money and immediately began making the franchise more valuable by the minute. He pretty much single-handedly restored the aura of the interlocking N-Y logo. George was born on today’s date in 1930 in Cleveland.

The Boss was managing owner of  the Yankees for a record 37 years. His Yankee teams won 11 AL Pennants and 7 World Series. He changed the team’s manager 20 times and hired 11 different GMs. His enthusiastic pursuit of free agents, beginning with Catfish Hunter changed the salary structure of professional baseball forever. He was suspended from the League twice. His entrepreneurial vision was the driving force behind the YES Entertainment Network and when he died in July of 2010, the team he had paid $10 million for was worth $1.2 billion.

George shares his birthday with this former Yankee pitcher he once described as being “scared stiff” on the mound. This former Yankee utility infielder was also born on Independence Day as was this long-time Yankee radio announcer.